• Know Your Scoopie

    Know Your Scoopie: Joel Teh

    - by Teo Fuh Sin

    With an aim to gather the creatives, Know Your Scoopie is a monthly introductory series where Scoopoint introduces their members; encouraging them to get personal about themselves, and stay connected within the community. This month, Scoopoint introduces the face, the voice and the magic brewer behind Penang Food & Travel magazine: Joel Teh. Hey Joel!…

  • CU Asia

    My take on my first Coworking Unconference Asia 2018 (CU Asia).

    - by Teo Fuh Sin

    “You have to attend CU Asia. You must.” Before I go ahead and give you full context, let me tell you a little bit about myself. I’m a fresh mass communication graduate who joined the Scoopoint team late December with a pair of fresh eyes. And by fresh eyes, I mean, knowing absolutely nothing about the coworking community. You can…

  • Uncategorized

    Co-working Space has reached Penang

    - by Mei Tan

    Co-working is a global movement to create innovative, collaborative and community driven workspaces that move beyond traditional work environments. Stop working alone – work for yourself, not by yourself. In recent years, co-working space has been emerging as a new trend in Asia. This is supported by the rapid increase of remote workers and changing working styles, as new generations seek…

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