Co-working Space has reached Penang

Co-working Space has reached Penang
September 13, 2017 Mei Tan

Co-working is a global movement to create innovative, collaborative and community driven

workspaces that move beyond traditional work environments. Stop working alone – work
for yourself, not by yourself.
In recent years, co-working space has been emerging as a new trend in Asia. This is
supported by the rapid increase of remote workers and changing working styles, as new
generations seek more flexibility in their job.
Co-working spaces are also sprouting up in Malaysia and a new player has just joined the
fray in Penang. Located at the heart of Georgetown, disruptive co-working space Scoopoint
offers amazing working environment and facilities. It is also a platform to live up to one’s
passion, network, collaborate and inspire one another.
In a mixture of relaxed suburb home living atmosphere and concentrated working
environment, Scoopoint creates room between work and privacy in which the innovation
and creativity of professionals are fostered.
Penang is such a wonderful place to live, work and play. Unfortunately, many Penangites
have left the beautiful island because of limited resources for career development, business
advancement and chances of starting a business. Scoopoint aspires to change this
perception to help Penang retain its talents.
Scoopoint founder and creative director Mei Tan said, “We connect entrepreneurs from
different backgrounds and industries. We create a platform for them to collaborate, create
opportunities and grow together as a strong and positive community here in Penang.
“We also provide creative and consultation services, such as branding, advertising design,
social media marketing, estate planning and funding options to bring their business to the
next level.”
She said that Scoopoint also wants to be the connection point for businesses and
entrepreneurs from other cities to connect and seek new opportunities and collaboration
with the Penang market and businesses. “Setting foot in the new market is never easy, but
we created a platform to make this possible,” she added.
The birth of Scoopoint Community
According to Mei, she studied in the US and in her university, there is a strong community
even though students come from different background and majors.
“We always encourage and inspire each other. This motivated me and kept my passion
burning. However, when I moved back to Penang, I couldn’t find a platform or community
that to share my positivity, passion or ideas with.”

“I knew that my passion and ideas will gradually wither. So, I decided to create the
community (Scoopoint) to help each other grow and keep up our passion.”
Mei also pointed out that there is a lack of connection and resources from other industries
and cities. “There aren’t many opportunities for young start-ups and entrepreneurs here in
Penang because most of them have left to bigger cities. So, I decided to encourage more
talents here to collaborate across different industries and cities or countries.
“Scoopoint is the connection point for businesses and entrepreneurs from other cities to tap
into the Penang market and expand their opportunities here. Meanwhile, our Penang start-
up-and entrepreneurs can also tap into the connection to grow and expand to other cities.”
Idea behind Scoopoint’s name
Speaking on how Scoopoint got its name, Mei said that it originated from “scooping ideas”.
“The word scoop is very catching and I always use it as ‘scoop ideas’. Plus, I was looking for
words that tie with social collaboration opportunities (SCO).
“I believe that scooping together every day will make us mountains together. And since
Scoopoint is the connection point, every point in other cities would be a Scoopoint too. Our
members are called Scoopies, while the process of brainstorming or making it happen is
called Scooping,” she explained.
She said that Scoopoint’s vision is to create a positive working environment, community and
opportunities to encourage passion and collaboration that drive success and happiness.


Co-working space provides flexible and cost-saving renting of desks, small office rooms
and meeting rooms. It is a solution for those in need of small working space with basic
In the past, many SMEs, start-ups, freelancers, self-employers and remote workers only
had the options of working at home, in cafés or traditional office environment This was
because renting and setting up a big office space is a costly long-term commitment.
Small businesses, freelancers, remote workers, budding entrepreneurs, start-ups and
those who are looking to transition out of their isolated work environments – home
offices, traditional office and cafés – into a creative workspace that will push their
productivity and creativity to the next level.
People and businesses of all kinds come together in one facility to share resources, create
a community and reduce operating costs. They can opt to use a co-working space by the
day or monthly, or anywhere in between. It is flexible.

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