Creatives Collaborate

Creatives Collaborate

About this Programme

The Creatives Collaborate is a programme aimed to accommodate a community of collaborative ventures in creative entrepreneurship. It is facilitated towards a culture where partnerships and events are curated around the themes of social, creative entrepreneurship and discovery. It is designed to generate a group of people who are curious and believe in work that has both purpose and impact.

Whether you’re a designer, animator or have a creative tech startup, we want YOU to be part of this unique co-working community. At Scoopoint you can work, you can play and grow alongside other amazing creative entrepreneurs.

How Does this Work?

Step One: Submit your Portfolio.
Show off your skills and knowledge with us! Prove to us what makes you creative through your creations!
Step Two: You’ll get a call!
Once we’ve received your portfolio, we’ll flip through and evaluate your skills. If you’re impressive enough, we’ll give you a call to meet up!
Step Three: The meeting.
We love to meet other creatives, so put on your best suit and let us know you better than what you’ve produced through your portfolio.
Step Four: Initiate collaboration.
This is the final step! Once you’ve joined the Scoopie family, when a project arises and they’re in need of a team, we’ll be sure to submit your portfolio to clients. If you’re chosen for the project, we’ll walk you through the collaboration and the project you’re involved!



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