Digital Nomad Package

Digital Nomads Package

Scoopoint’s Digital Nomad Pass.

Scoopoint Coworking is proud to present their Digital Nomad Package, exclusively built for digital nomads from across the globe. The package allows travelling coworkers access to an all-in-one, easily-sorted and well-prepared booking with just one click of a button!

This package ensures that our digital nomad has a place to stay, a place to work and a place to have fun without a worry of getting lost or tumbling into unexpected situations. Through a reliable and personal booking, Scoopoint will assure that you feel at home during your visit on the Penang Island.

1. Scoopoint Co-working Hot Desk 24/7 monthly
2. Accommodation (for one, unless requested)
3. Transportation from Airport & to Airport
4. Mobile Service Provider

Be sure to read what our Digital Nomad Package includes below!

“Best Coworking Space in Penang 2018”

Scoopoint is not just a co-working space. It is a platform to live up with passion, to network, to collaborate, to inspire each other. In a mixture of relaxed suburb home living atmosphere and concentrated working environment, we create room between work and privacy in which innovation and creativity of travelers can fostered, as they cowork together with the local neighborhood creative entrepreneurs here.

Scoopoint Coworking Desk Packages

  • Online Access to Scoopoint’s Community
  • A whole month, 24 hours including weekends
  • Offers lounge and pantry seats
  • Free flow of coffee, tea and snacks
  • Free invitation to events and workshops
  • Mailing Address
  • Access to nap room
  • A single locker
  • Printing and scanning services are available
  • Member is entitled to 15 pieces of b&w and 5 colour printing.

Hand-picked Accommodations

Trust in Scoopoint to personally hand-pick extremely homey and comfortable accommodations aligned in this package.

Highly rated rooms are fit for a single person (or two, if requested). Be assured that your stay will be located around the heart of George Town, allowing you easy access to Penang’s local delicacies and its bustling nightlife. Most importantly, it’ll only be a couple of minutes away from Scoopoint, so work wouldn’t be too far!

Room Amenities:

  • Private bathroom
  • Towels
  • Hairdryer
  • Wardrobe
  • Laundry & ironing, sharing basis at Level 4

Bakery, Food & Drink:
Snack Bar, 8 am till 1 am daily
Restaurant, 8 am till 1 am daily
Bar, 7pm till 1am daily.

Terrace / garden at L2
Bicycles for renting
Mini gym
Resident Lounge at L2 ​

3. Transportation From and To the Airport

Included in the digital nomad package, transportation from and to the airport will be available. However, if transportation is needed to travel around Penang, both Grab and Rapid Busses (public transport) are reliable options.

4. Mobile Service Provider

Included in the digital nomad package, a prepaid number (high speed internet included) will be given to you upon arrival.


1. Scoopoint Co-working Hot Desk 24/7 monthly
2. Accommodation (for one, unless requested)
3. Transportation from Airport & to Airport
4. Mobile Service Provider


About Penang, Malaysia.

Penang, nicknamed as the Pearl of the Orient, is the world’s eminent exotic holiday destination. It was listed as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2008, offering no shortage of cultural sights and natural scenery.

Well known for its soft sandy beaches and widely acclaimed as the food capital of Malaysia, Penang may be small compared to other cities, but is large and diverse at heart; carrying three main races (Malay, Chinese and Indian). Despite the cultural differences, Penangites embraces the broad range, naturally building streets much like Little India and Chinatown.

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