Know Your Scoopie: Oliver Sim.

Know Your Scoopie: Oliver Sim.
August 7, 2018 Teo Fuh Sin

With an aim to gather the creatives, Know Your Scoopie is a monthly introductory series where Scoopoint introduces their members; encouraging them to get personal about themselves, and stay connected within the community.

This month, Scoopoint introduces CG and Storyboard Artist and Animator: Oliver Sim.

Hey Oliver, tell us about yourself!

Hey there! I’m Oliver, a CG and Storyboard Artist and an Animator. I was born in Brunei but in 2007, I moved to the United States to further my studies in Gaming and Digital Character Animation. After coming back to Malaysia, I moved to Penang and is currently in the process of starting training workshops to guide and teach students into improving their work with the use of today’s industry soft wares such as Maya, Zbrush and Mudbox. I’m also in the works of my own project that involves heavily around creating animated short films.

If you could use three words to describe yourself, what would it be?

Contribution – There’s not much to it other than I like to do all that I can to represent myself in Penang. I love to contribute my skills, work, and all that I know as much as possible. It’s a good feeling to be involved.

Opportunity – Creating an opportunity is definitely my favourite one. The first step in creating an opportunity is learning, the second step is knowing how you can impact others by understanding and exploring their skills in order to find areas they can improve on. When there’s more areas to explore, opportunity exists.

Learn – It’s true what people say about learning – how it’s a daily routine, and that you’re always learning something new everyday. Keep learning. It’s important to. I personally learn everyday and will use that to teach and guide my students later. Sure, doing uncomfortable things can be hard, but results are always rewarding in my opinion. Take it from me!

Tell us about your greatest accomplishment

Truth be told, I’m not too proud, or satisfied, of my achievements just yet, but I did manage to get children/students within the age of twelve to fifteen to learn about 3D visual design for the first time in Penang schools. I suppose I still have a long way to go in accomplishing this great achievement.

What’s something no one knows about you?

Most people who have met me would assume I’m a foreigner right off the bat, merely because I don’t act like a Malaysian. I’m not a foreigner. In fact, I am here to show and contribute what I can do best for Penang as a Sarawakian at identity, Malaysian nationally, Bruneian at birth and lastly, American at heart.

Who’s your favourite superhero and why?

My favourite Superhero’s the one and only Batman. I grew up understanding what he stands for. Although he lives majority of the time in the shadows, he saves people from harm. I believe, even justice do have its own shadows.

Any personal recommendations?

I’m a big fan of film score music. Anything Han Zimmer sound great to me. For those who don’t know know who he is, he’s a German film score composer who’s composed scores for movies like Interstellar, Inception, The Lion King, The Dark Knight and many more.

A book I’d recommend is To Pixar and Beyond by Lawrence Levy. Pixar wasn’t an animation company at the time. They focused mostly on renderman software sales, but it wasn’t doing enough for the company to move forward. These made Steve Jobs, John Lasseter, Ed Catmull and Lawrence Levy to decide to take Pixar onto a new level.

If you could go back in time, what year would you travel to?

I would love to travel back to the year 1910s, so I can fly the first airplane built by the Wright Brothers.

Who is your hero and why?

My mother is a huge impact of my life and why I’m here (literally). I guess, every mother have their dreams to see their own sons to pursue their dreams; much like Alexander the Great for example.

So,  why Scoopoint?

I absolutely understand 80% on what Scoopoint and their vision is all about. Scoopoint allows individuals and groups the freedom and opportunity to create any form of art and design, with the use of creativity, to build a base of their company in Greater Penang. I buy that vision. It’s hard to find communities with similar vision or thoughts in Malaysia. I’m currently working to build a company and I believe it will be cherished and remembers in Scoopoint’s portfolio.

Anything to add, Oliver?

You all should definitely follow me on Facebook. As I mentioned earlier, I’m in the works on this big project and I will be releasing the contents by this year. It involves a great character and I’m sure everyone will love it.

Keep in touch with Oliver!

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