Meet The Team: Lim Wan Ting

Meet The Team: Lim Wan Ting
October 4, 2018 Teo Fuh Sin

In conjunction with our monthly series #KnowYour Scoopie, Meet the Team is an introductory series which allows team members of Scoopoint to personally introduce themselves, as well as allowing the public to learn about the people behind the creative space.

This month, we introduce Lim Wan Ting – the account admin executive of Scoopoint Coworking!

Introduce yourself!

Hi guys! I’m Wan Ting – most of you may know me as the account admin executive at Scoopoint. I was born and raised in the beautiful Penang Island. I’m currently twenty-one years old who will be pursuing my degree in ACCA fundamental level.

If you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

Emotional – I consider myself to be an extremely emotional person who can easily get in touch with my feelings. Feelings come in waves for me. My mood fluctuates rather quickly so I often find myself happy for one second and the next I could be feeling down.

Empathetic – I suppose being empathetic comes hand in hand with being emotional. As an empath, I’m able to put myself into people’s shoes and feel all that they’re feeling and relate to them at a certain degree. I’m an understanding and caring person and is the kind who love listening to people and allowing them space for them to express and vent out their troubles to. Though it may sound nice to hear, sometimes, being an empath overwhelms and effects me; as I would find myself overthinking and worrying over people’s matters and feeling hopeless from it as somethings can’t be helped.

Ambiverted – Don’t get me wrong, social settings don’t make me uncomfortable, but I get tired easily after being around people too much. At first glance, I may seem like a quiet person, but my close friends think I’m highly social. It usually depends on the people I’m with and if I’m comfortable around them.

How do you spend your free time?

I’m a family oriented person who grew up with parents who are both great at cooking. This eventually influenced me and sparked my interest in cooking. I would usually gather inspiration or recipes from Pinterest, and experiment with new recipes. I also do enjoy reading and drawing. I enjoy spending my time at a serene environment and study with a cup of flower tea beside me. As I’m born into a Chinese educated family, I try my best to read more English novels to improve my English. Apart from that, I also enjoy my time doing watercolour illustrations. I would arrange my time and try to draw once in a while. I would often get inspiration from a fellow watercolour illustrator Ohn Mar Win.

If you could pick yourself a theme song, what would it be?

Instead of stating my theme song, I would like to personally share my favourite artist Olivia Ong. She’s a Singaporean singer, and in her early days, her entertainment career focused mainly on singing jazz covers, but have soon moved onto Mandarin pop. The song I love the most is the cover of Frank Sinatra’s Fly Me To The Moon (Acoustic Version)

Any personal recommendations?

My favourite film is The Good Dinosaur. The main character Young Arlo is afraid of everything since the day he was hatched. But as times go by, he’s been forced to find the courage he never knew he had after his father was killed. After falling into the river near his home, the film revolves around Arlo finding his way home. Eventually, he learns what it means to love and to find courage with the help of some interesting encounters with other dinosaurs.

So, what’s the best thing about working at Scoopoint?

The homey feeling Scoopoint provides. As a family oriented person, working at a place that makes me feel at home, allows me to be comfortable. However, the most important thing I really appreciate is the spirit between my team and I. Especially both of my dearest colleague Fuh Sin and Susan, they always encourage me whenever I face challenges and motivate me to be a better person.

Furthermore, the strength of the community from the the coworking concept always amaze me. As this is my first full-time job, I learned a lot and gain several skills. I never thought I’d build such a close bond between the coworkers at Scoopoint, as well as those that travel around the world; experiencing different cultures. I love listening to their stories and what their experiences, it allows me to grow and enhance my knowledge.

Keep in touch with Wan Ting!

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