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Updated on 9th May 2017

By accessing or using Scoopoint’s services in any way, you agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions (T&C), our Rules and Regulations and our Privacy Policy which is available at https://www.scoopoint.com. You acknowledge and agree that we reserve the right, from time to time, to make modification, deletions or additions to these Terms and Conditions.

1. Agreement

In order to use our Services, you will be signing a Membership Agreement with us. Your details regarding your Membership including all details of the Services and all payment obligations will be stipulated in the Agreement. You will be required to observe, obey and perform your obligations as stipulated in the Agreement.

All terms and references used in this T&C and which are defined and construed in your Membership Agreement respectively but are not defined or construed in this T&C shall have the same meaning and construction in your Membership Agreement.

2. Booking and Membership Terms

Your details of Booking/Membership will be stipulated in your Membership Agreement and you shall pay the amount stipulated in your Membership Agreement according to the manner stipulated in your Membership Agreement.

3. No Cancellation

No cancellation of Booking/Membership is allowed unless stipulated otherwise in your Agreement.

4. Services

You will be allowed exclusive access to your choice of Space as stipulated in your Membership Agreement. You shall pay your Fees as stipulated in your Membership Agreement for your access of Space. You shall be allowed access to Complimentary Services only if it is stipulated in your Membership Agreement. You may request, subject to Additional Fees for Additional Services provided by Scoopoint.

5. Non-Assignment of T&C

These T&C are exclusive, non-assignable and non-transferrable.

6. Booking

You will comply with all Booking terms and conditions stipulated in your Membership Agreement.

7. Access Devices

You will be issued with an Access Device to gain access to the Center which will be used solely and exclusively for the purpose of accessing the Center. You will not peruse the Access Device in any manner whatsoever not in line with the purpose of gaining access to the Center. You will not reveal any credentials, passwords, data, information whatsoever; or assign, transfer, hand-over the Access Device to any party not being a member of Scoopoint; or make any duplicates, replica or replacements of such Access Device. You agree that the Access Device is, at all times the property of Scoopoint and you have an obligation at all times, to return the Access Devices to Scoopoint. You acknowledge that you shall pay a deposit for such Access Device and this deposit shall be forfeited against you for any lost or damaged or replacement of Access Device.

8. Day Passes

You will be allowed to purchase additional Day Passes at an additional fees to be determined absolutely at the discretion of Scoopoint. If you decide to purchase such additional day passes, you acknowledge and agree that these day passes can be transferred, assigned or hand-over by you to any of your Affiliates or third party, subject always that such person acknowledges and agrees that in order for these day passes to be activated, such person is required to identify and register themselves at the front desk of Scoopoint. In any event, you shall be solely responsible for the proper use of all Day Passes purchased. You acknowledge and agree that Scoopoint reserves the right to discontinue the sale of these Day Passes at any time.

9. Compliance

You agree to observe, adhere and comply strictly with all terms and conditions of your Membership Agreement, including all warranties, representations, instructions, whether express or implied of the Agreement including the terms of our Privacy Notice and our Rules and Regulations of this Agreement. You agree to observe, adhere and comply strictly with House Rules. The House Rules is available for inspection at the Center and you acknowledge and agree that the House Rules may be revised from time to time. In general, you agree to not perform or cause to perform, do or cause to do any act that is or potentially will be disruptive, damaging or dangerous to Scoopoint, other members of Scoopoint, agents, guests, or any parties of the foregoing.

10. Availability

You agree that there are some Services which may be subjected to additional guidelines, terms, conditions and/or rules, which will otherwise be communicated via any reasonable means by Scoopoint to you. You understand that if you are unable to peruse the Services due to any reasons whatsoever including i) construction and/or renovation plans, ii) difficulty in procuring any permits or permission necessary, or iii) any disruptions, delays, emergency and/or any unforeseen events, you may not make any request, claim or demand against Scoopoint for compensation or any other demand.

11. Accessibility

The Services are accessible as per stipulated in your Membership Agreement.

12. Payment

You agree to pay all fees as stipulated in your Membership Agreement including if any, refundable deposit as stipulated in your Membership Agreement. You acknowledge that your deposit may may be forfeited to Scoopoint in the events as stipulated in your Membership Agreement, Further, you acknowledge that subject to your terms and conditions of your Membership Agreement, you may be required to pay compensation sum to WScoopoint for any damage, cost and expenses incurred pursuant to if any, non-compliance of your Membership Agreement.

13. Non-Refundable

All Fees are non-refundable for any reason whatsoever.

14. Currency

All Fees must be paid in the currency of Ringgit Malaysia or in other currency as may be agreed by Scoopoint.

15. Indemnity

You undertake to indemnify and hold harmless Scoopoint on full cost basis against all and any claims, liabilities, suits, litigation, proceedings, prosecutions, fines, penalties, damages, deficiencies, losses, costs, and expenses, special, incidental, exemplary, punitive or monetary damages, loss of profits, expectation or reliance loss, which may be brought, instituted or imposed, direct and indirect regardless on the form of action, whether in contract, tort, specific performance or otherwise (collectively hereinafter “Cause of Action”) on Scoopoint or which may be suffered or sustained by Scoopoint as a result or in connection to any breach of any warranties, representations and agreements made by you herein. You undertake to indemnify and hold harmless of Scoopoint against all and any Causes of Action initiated from the usage of the Services including but not limited to physical damages on the property, physical injuries, food poisoning, loss or theft of intellectual property, loss or damage of data from electricity outage, door access problems, software, non-functioning or air-conditioner and non-functioning of lights. You agree to indemnify Scoopoint against any damage, liability, loss, cost and expenses incurred by any persons, guests or strangers who was brought into the Center by you and you shall not provide any authorization, consent, instructions, undertaking or settlement that requires a material act or admission by Scoopoint without prior written consent of an authorised personnel of Scoopoint; and you hereby indemnify and hold harmless Scoopoint against such authorization, consent, instruction, undertaking or settlement.

16. Disclaimer

Services are provided at a “as is where is” basis and Scoopoint disclaim all conditions and warranties, express and/or implied, with respect to (a) Services, including but not limited to representations, by any means, as to the availability, accessibility, operation, performance of Services, or any other products or services accessed via the Services; (b) commercial and non-commercial merchantability, quality, fitness, purpose, title, non-infringement, any implied terms and warranties of Services; and (c) indemnification arising from course of dealing, course of performance or trade in connection with this Agreement.

18. Contact

Scoopoint can be contacted at,

Address: Level 2, Tamarins House,  No. 46 Pengkalan Weld, 10300 Penang, Malaysia.

Tel: +6012 4778383

Email: [email protected]

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